Saturday, November 5, 2022

For the first time in the GCC: Dsquares revolutionizes customer loyalty programs by bringing gamification into play

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Friday, 04. November 2022 AETOSWire 

Dsquares, the leading provider of loyalty programs and rewards solutions in the Middle East and Africa, is expanding its scope of offerings by adding gamification to its wide range of services and products during Saudi Arabia’s largest payments, fintech and retail innovation event, Seamless. The two-day event incorporates gamification, one of the company’s newest platforms, into its loyalty programs with the goal to increase sales, improve customer engagement, strengthen customer loyalty, and leverage customer data to offer hyper-personalized experiences that would add value to their clients’ consumer relationship, by tailoring programs to their preferred rewards and brands.

Generally, gamification is used as a technique to better engage customers by building a more personalized experience for them as well as securing long-term engagement as they keep coming back for more, which leads to an increased Customer Lifetime Value. The platform also helps in gathering valuable data that can be used to craft personalized and targeted campaigns to increase sales and rewards that ensure their satisfaction.

Khaled Nazif, COO of Dsquares, stated “Dsquares trusts that the gamified experiences help build profitable relationships with consumers, as well as create strong engagement results with game-like experiences. In addition to participating in Seamless, introducing gamification to our scope of work underlines our complete responsiveness to the consumer’s preferences and purchase intent which are key to providing personalized experiences. It also showcases our newest services and generates quick momentum, in fun and memorable ways that our consumers would enjoy experiencing.”

“Dsquares will continue to work on expanding its products to maintain our leading position in the sector, and to meet with our clients’ needs in order to help them better interact and connect with their customers, grow their customer base, thus increasing their profitability.” added Nazif

It is noteworthy that Dsquares started operating in 2012, and has branches in Egypt, UAE, KSA, Kenya, Jordan, and Tanzania. The company intends to expand its business during 2023 in the Gulf, African, and European markets. Moreover, in recognition of its pioneering role in the sector, Dsquares won the MEA Markets' magazine award for "Best Loyalty Solution Provider in the Middle East”.



Mohamed Hany

Commercial & Marketing Director at Dsquares