Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) Launches at Web Summit in Lisbon


Leading voices in gaming & web3 start work on creating standards for the decentralized metaverse

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today, OMA3™ (Open Metaverse Alliance), an association based in Zug, Switzerland, is announcing open membership to its first working groups at Web Summit, Europe’s largest tech conference.

Initial working group participants include some of the biggest and most innovative names in the space such as Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, MetaMetaverse, SPACE Metaverse, SuperWorld, The Sandbox, Upland, Voxels, Unstoppable Domains, and Wivity (the agent to the consortium).

One of the core values of the metaverse is celebrating the decentralization of not only assets but power and influence as well. OMA3 achieves this by ensuring virtual land, identities, digital assets, ideas, and services are highly interoperable between platforms and transparent to all communities. OMA3’s Portaling and Mapping Working Group will create standards that allow users to port between virtual worlds. The Asset Transfer Working Group will standardize infrastructure for moving digital assets between virtual worlds. The Legal Working Group will examine the protection and fair use of intellectual property in Web3 applications and monitor developments in the regulatory environment. Companies wishing to participate in these working groups are invited to join OMA3 as a Creator Member on its website-

As the metaverse continues to grow and develop at a rapid pace, the association will continue to nurture an open, interoperable metaverse by launching more working groups in areas such as participant safety, privacy, and cybersecurity.

Dirk Lueth, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Upland, Founding Member and Chairperson of OMA3 said, “The vision of OMA3 is to move from a platform-controlled Web2-world to a user-centric Web3-Metaverse. To achieve this, we have formed an alliance of Web3 companies who want to solve interoperability challenges for the metaverse, and we aim to leverage the alliance’s knowledge and web3 native insight to help propose and set the operating standard for interoperability in the metaverse.”

Batis Samadian, Founder & CEO, SPACE, Founding Member, and Vice Chair of OMA3 said, “Decentralization and interoperability require coordination to be successful. We are pleased that the OMA3 idea we hatched in the early days has resonated so well with the industry.”

All members of OMA3 have a shared belief in an Open Metaverse without restraining walls, where individual platforms are interconnected and fully interoperable so users can move their digital assets freely across worlds. To realize this goal, OMA3 has been formed and looks forward to members joining its mission.

Sébastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox and Founding Member of OMA3 said, “within the Open Metaverse, digital assets freely move across OMA3 virtual worlds, enjoying increased security and better asset tracking across worlds. With these shared standards, users will be able to take digital items that they own from one metaverse to another, enabling a universe of interconnected virtual worlds that prioritizes user experience and ownership over platform dominance and censorship.”

Saro McKenna, CEO of Alien Worlds and Founding Member of OMA3 said, “OMA3’s vision centers on striving to create an open metaverse that is also community run, decentralized and indexable, where users will be able to own and use their digital assets (e.g. NFTs), identity and reputation in a frictionless way across multiple platforms. In OMA3’s vision users are in control of their assets, not platform owners, while ideas and services are based on the foundation of decentralization and interoperability to optimize for individual freedom, social, economic, and other sustainable outcomes.”

OMA3 is committed to ensuring data is permissionless, interoperable, and fully user-controlled, with DAO governance-centered principles of inclusiveness, transparency, and decentralization. As such, OMA3 is open to all Web3 metaverse builders; companies can join as creators or community members. To learn more about participation, please visit

About OMA3

OMA3, (Open Metaverse Alliance) is a consortium comprised of leading metaverse native companies The Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Decentraland, MetaMetaverse, Space, SuperWorld, Upland, Voxels, Unstoppable Domains, and Wivity. OMA3 seeks to ensure virtual land, digital assets, ideas, and services are highly interoperable between platforms and transparent to all communities.




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