Friday, January 12, 2024 Set to Revolutionize Online Sales in the UAE, Launching on January 12th at The Mastermind Event in Dubai

 Copecart, the renowned digital sales platform, is set to revolutionize online sales in the UAE with its launch on January 12th, 2024. The highly anticipated event will take place at The Mastermind Event, hosted at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria on The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, featuring influential figures like Tai Lopez, Niklas Pedde, and Matt Schuldt.

Copecart is the preferred digital sales platform for creators, coaches, and online marketers, offering a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology, and robust features to streamline online sales, maximize revenue, and target audiences effectively.

Tai Lopez, a renowned entrepreneur, praised the partnership, saying, "The partnership with Copecart has been instrumental in growing and monetizing my global audiences and products. We look forward to this new chapter with Copecart."

Dr. Michael Kloep, Global CEO of Copecart, emphasized the importance of the UAE market, stating, "With, we will enable UAE Online Entrepreneurs to monetize their domestic and global audiences and scale their businesses even faster, like 25,000 of our global vendors before."

Key features of include simplified administrative processes, lightning-fast checkout, a built-in KPI tracker, rapid e-shop creation, and revenue scaling. Users can now register for free on to explore these powerful features.

The Mastermind Event at the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai provides the perfect platform for Copecart's official UAE launch, showcasing its game-changing potential in the digital sales landscape.

About Copecart:

Copecart is a pioneering online sales platform designed to empower digital creators, including content creators, course creators, coaches, and online businesses. With a focus on simplifying online sales complexities, Copecart provides comprehensive services for business growth and profitability. Join the ranks of 25,000 global sellers who trust Copecart for their online sales success.


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