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VeriSilicon’s industry-leading embedded GPU IP powers HPMicro’s high-performance HPM6800 series RISC-V MCU

SHANGHAI - Monday, 04. March 2024 AETOSWire

A new generation of instrumentation dashboard products with high image quality and low power consumption

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- VeriSilicon (688521.SH) today announced that HPMicro’s HPM6800 series, a new generation digital dashboard display and human-machine interface system application platform has adopted VeriSilicon’s high-performance 2.5D Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) IP.

HPM6800 series is based on RISC-V CPU cores, featuring robust computing power, low power consumption, high integration, and outstanding multimedia capabilities. It is the ideal solution for applications requiring complex graphics processing, high-resolution display and high-performance multimedia user interfaces, such as automotive dashboard, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and Camera Monitor System (CMS).

VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP, which supports OpenVG, can provide MCU/MPU devices with high-efficiency graphics processing and high-quality image output while significantly reducing CPU load. With its proven scalability, it has been widely used in leading automotive, industrial, and wearable products. Additionally, VeriSilicon has collaborated with leading GUI software service providers to enrich the ecosystem for key GPU applications, effectively accelerating the market launch process for customer products.

“The HPM6800 series represents another innovation and breakthrough in our existing high-performance MCU product line,” said Jintao Zeng, CEO of HPMicro. “By integrating VeriSilicon’s advanced 2.5D GPU IP, HPM6800 not only inherits the strong computing power, precise control, and excellent communication performances of our existing MCU products, but also integrates efficient graphics processing, high-resolution display and other multimedia capabilities. We look forward to more industrial and automotive system solutions equipped with the HPM6800 high-performance MCUs.”

“This collaboration combines VeriSilicon’s rich-featured and low-power 2.5D GPU IP with HPMicro’s high-performance RISC-V based MCU, aiming to jointly launch leading products to address the growing market opportunities in the display field,” said Wei-Jin Dai, Executive VP and GM of IP Division at VeriSilicon. “Over the past decade, VeriSilicon’s 2.5D GPU IP has been widely used in many leading automotive and industrial products. We look forward to introducing this mature graphics processing technology into the RISC-V ecosystem to meet a wider range of customer needs.”

About HPMicro

HPMicro is a Chinese semiconductor company dedicated to offering high-performance MCUs and embedded solutions, with business involving microcontrollers, microprocessors, chipsets, as well as its supporting development tools and ecosystems. Founded in June 2020, the company’s headquartered in Shanghai, and has branches in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hangzhou. At present, the company has completed ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO 26262/IEC 61508 functional safety management system certification, fully serving the industrial, automotive and energy markets in China and the world. For more information, please visit our website https://hpmicro.com/

About VeriSilicon

VeriSilicon is committed to providing customers with platform-based, all-around, one-stop custom silicon services and semiconductor IP licensing services leveraging its in-house semiconductor IP. For more information, please visit: www.verisilicon.com


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