Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Cognite Atlas AI™ Delivers Specialized Industrial Agents, Virtual Employees Tailored to Provide Domain-Specific Insights and Automate Complex Industrial Tasks


  AUSTIN, Texas & OSLO, Norway - Monday, 17. June 2024

 Cognite Atlas AI enables low-code development of AI agents that increase the accuracy of industrial AI, accelerate efficiencies, and drive business impact

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Cognite, the globally recognized authority in Data and AI for industry, today announced Cognite Atlas AI™, an industrial agent workbench that extends Cognite’s Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®. This strategic offering is a culmination of Cognite’s extensive Industrial DataOps and innovative generative AI capabilities. Cognite Atlas AI’s low-code industrial agent builder will enable industrial organizations to use generative AI to carry out more complex operations with greater accuracy, including workflow automation and decision-making support, accelerating efficiencies that can generate tens of millions of dollars in business impact.

Cognite Atlas AI provides domain-specific insights and automates complex, industry-relevant tasks. It reduces the cognitive load on process engineers, field workers, maintenance teams, and other data consumers while optimizing and automating business processes that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve operational accuracy.

Powered by Cognite’s unique combination of industry-tailored AI product capabilities, specialized industrial domain knowledge, and industrial generative AI delivery expertise, Cognite Atlas AI delivers everything necessary for asset-heavy organizations to orchestrate industrial agents on top of their private data, including:

    A library of pre-built industrial agents, as well as a low-code agent builder

    A Semantic Industrial Knowledge Graph with Context Augmented Generation (CAG)

    Industrial use case-tailored autoLLM capabilities to identify the best Large Language Model, Small Language Model, or Custom Language Model for any given industrial agent

    Easy deployment of industrial agents into Cognite Data Fusion®, Microsoft Copilot, proprietary applications, or other third-party applications

“We are seeing a shift from a singular category of models to a portfolio of models where customers have the ability to make decisions on the best models for their specific scenarios,” said Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President Energy and Resources Industry at Microsoft. “Cognite Atlas AI brings Context Augmented Generation to Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and, together, we are pushing the boundaries of what language models can do for industrial organizations.”

“We are thrilled to already be collaborating with customers on the cutting-edge capabilities of Cognite Atlas AI," said Geir Engdahl, Chief Product Officer and Cofounder at Cognite. "Our goal over the next 90 days is to work with all existing Cognite Data Fusion customers to unlock unprecedented value through our innovative AI solutions. At the Cognite user conference, IMPACT, happening in Houston this October, we are eager to see these customers showcase their groundbreaking AI strategies and the transformative impact they are achieving."

To learn more, visit: https://www.cognite.com/en/product/atlas

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Cognite makes Generative AI work for industry. Leading energy, manufacturing, and power & renewables enterprises choose Cognite to deliver secure, trustworthy, and real-time data to transform their asset-heavy operations to be safer, more sustainable, and more profitable. Cognite provides a user-friendly, secure, and scalable platform that makes it easy for all decision-makers, from the field to remote operations centers, to access and understand complex industrial data, collaborate in real time, and build a better tomorrow. Visit us at www.cognite.ai and follow us on LinkedIn and X.


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Michelle Holford
Vice President, Global PR, Cognite