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“Golden Eight” Collection of Signed Michael Phelps Paintings Unveiled for the First Time Ahead of 2024 Summer Olympics

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One-of-a-kind Paintings of the Most Decorated Olympian of All-Time by Nationally Recognized Artist Emerge for the First Time

A Third of the Sale Proceeds to be Donated to Charity


(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics, an incredible collection of eight paintings signed by Michael Phelps is being unveiled for the first time. The “Golden Eight” highlights Phelps’ timeless impact on the Olympic legacy and his lasting mark on the sports world.

This exclusive, private collection is the only known collection of eight oil paintings, all signed by Michael Phelps, that signify the eight gold medals Phelps won in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The “Golden Eight” truly captures one of the greatest moments in U.S. sports history as Phelps grew to become the most decorated Olympian of all time, having won a record 28 medals, 23 of which were gold.

The collection is painted by Brian Fox, a highly acclaimed artist known nationwide for his expertise in capturing athletes and celebrities on the canvas. Fox has painted some of the biggest icons of our time including Jackie Robinson, Steven Tyler and Muhammad Ali, among many others.

Some of Fox’s earlier works are among the most sought after in sports art, including a one-of-a-kind “Miracle on Ice” painting capturing the historic moment the young American Olympic hockey team shocked the world by beating the heavily-favored Soviet team in 1980. That painting, signed by all U.S. hockey team members, embodies what has been called the top sports moment of the entire twentieth century by Sports Illustrated.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Fox has worked for some of the world’s top athletes including Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Ichiro Suzuki, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr., actor Mark Wahlberg and singer Steven Tyler, to name a few. His art has been prominently featured at numerous star-studded celebrity auctions and high-profile charity benefits, including the MLB Players Trust, ALS Association, Jackie Robinson Foundation and more. One of Fox's notable commissions included creating original artwork for the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, where his work was then featured on the cover of the limited edition game day program. He was also chosen as the official commemorative artist for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Games, serving as the official artist for the World Series and has been named a "Sports Artist of the Year" by the American Sports Art Museum.

In recent years, sports art has increasingly gained traction among the art world and sports enthusiasts. A notable milestone in this convergence of sports and art occurred in 1978 when Andy Warhol was commissioned to create The Athletes, a series of ten portraits of famous sports figures, which recently sold for $15 million. This marked a pivotal moment where the realms of sports and art intersected for one of the first times. Sports art signed by the subject continues to increase in value as collectors are drawn to meticulous attention to detail and the opportunity to own truly unique pieces. Fox’s paintings in particular have seen a remarkable tenfold price increase in the past three years alone.

“This collection was one of the most complex works of art I’ve ever had to capture on the canvas,” said Fox. “With every stroke, my goal was to not only portray the energy and power of Phelps while he was swimming, but also shine his individual personality through his famed swimming expressions.”

“Fox not only captured the essence of Phelps in these paintings, but also captures his unforgettable legacy that will transcend through generations,” said Todd Patkin, the owner of this remarkable collection. "These paintings are not just portraits; they serve as a powerful reminder of one of the greatest moments in our sporting history.”

The owner is currently accepting offers for the entire collection of eight paintings with an asking price of $250,000 per painting. A third of the sale proceeds will go to charity. For more information or to inquire about acquiring these works of art, please contact

About Brian Fox

Brian Fox is a nationally recognized artist specializing in painting celebrated athletes, musicians, celebrities and pop culture figures. Fox, well-regarded as one of the most renowned sports artists of this generation, is known for his impeccable draftsmanship, attention to detail and uncanny ability to capture the unique essence of each of his subjects. Recognized as the US Sports Museum's Sports Artist of the Year, Fox's meticulous process and dedication has earned him accolades and a waiting list of several years. Fox’s art continues to captivate and inspire a global audience with clients including the MLB, NFL, NHL, and high-profile athletes such as Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Ichiro Suzuki and NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. and more. Fox has also painted some of the biggest icons of our time including the late Jackie Robinson, Keith Richards, Michael Phelps, Muhammad Ali, Johnny Dep, Derek Jeter, among many others.

For more information visit or visit @artistbrianfox on Instagram.


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