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ZentrumHub's Technology Boosts Akbar Travels' Growth, Tripling Revenue

 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -

(BUSINESS WIRE)--ZentrumHub, a leader in travel technology solutions, has been instrumental in tripling the revenue of its long-standing partner, Akbar Travels. This remarkable growth underscores the effectiveness of ZentrumHub’s innovative platform, Zentrum Connect, in enhancing Akbar Travels’ operational capabilities and market reach.

Akbar Travels, a well-established name in the travel industry, leveraged ZentrumHub’s expertise to implement critical technological enhancements, including multi-currency and multi-supplier connectivity. This strategic integration has allowed Akbar Travels to diversify its offerings, providing customers with a broader range of travel options and more competitive pricing.

The partnership has significantly improved Akbar Travels’ capacity to manage and distribute its inventory efficiently, further establishing its role as a key supplier in the travel sector. Additionally, ZentrumHub’s B2B portal has empowered Akbar Travels to seamlessly manage and expand its B2B travel agent network through a multi-tenant account system.

"In a world of endless options, our OTA platform i.e. stands as a beacon of simplicity. By offering intuitive interfaces, comprehensive search functionality, and seamless currency handling, we ensure travelers can find their perfect getaway with ease. ZentrumHub is invested in cutting-edge technology that could seamlessly handle transactions in multiple currencies,” said Ms. Ashiya Nazar, Director at

Bhushan Tamhankar, Head of Global Partnerships at ZentrumHub, commented on the partnership’s success, “Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art tools has enabled companies like Akbar Travels to thrive in the digital era. This partnership is a clear indication of our platform’s strength and our dedication to supporting our clients’ success.”

About Akbar Travels is a leading global online travel portal providing a diverse range of world-class, hassle-free travel services. Their online platform allows users to search, and book discounted flight tickets, holiday packages, visas, and other services online from the comfort of their homes, office, or smartphone effortlessly. They have more than 150 branches worldwide, extending the company’s reach to almost all major travel destinations worldwide.

About ZentrumHub

ZentrumHub is leading the charge in revolutionizing travel technology, offering cutting-edge solutions that simplify hotel connectivity and elevate the booking experience for travel companies worldwide. With its flagship products, Zentrum Connect and Zentrum Booking Engine, ZentrumHub provides a seamless platform that seamlessly integrates booking engines with multiple hotel suppliers, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.


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