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The World's Light Painting Masters and GAC Work Together to Create a Chinese Giant Light-Painted Dragon That Shines in Dubai for the First Time

 GUANGZHOU, China - Saturday, 01. June 2024 AETOSWire

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Coinciding with the Chinese Year of the Dragon in 2024, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establish diplomatic relations between China and UAE, the world's light painting master Roywang, as the China’s premier light painter, the content partner of Xinxingshe, and the creator of three Guinness World Records, will create a Chinese light painting giant dragon with people and cars, joining the hands with GAC, the first Chinese car brand whose advertisement was mounted on the Burj Khalifa, in the most beautiful skyline of Dubai in D3, on the evening of May 18, local time.

The world's first 6,000-square-meter China-UAE light-painted giant dragon, illuminating the friendship between the two countries

The Xinxingshe Roywang Light Painting Art team used the most beautiful city skyline of Dubai as the background, car lights as the light pen, and the vast open space next to the Dubai Canal as the canvas. They collaborated with three GAC cars to create the world's largest light-painted giant dragon so far. The works cover an area of 6000㎡.

As night falls, this light-painted giant dragon representing China-UAE friendship cleverly combines the Chinese dragon's head with the Arabic text dragon body shape, which is full of creativity and artistic appreciation. The headlights of the three GAC vehicles flickered and trailed. M8, EMPOW, and EMZOOM GS3 participated in the creation of the dragon head, dragon body, and dragon tail respectively. Around the dragon, there are twinkling star lights, symbolizing China's technology shining in the world.

This artistic creation was approved by Mr. Khalil from Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. He said that it was the first time he watched such a performance. He was shocked by the combination of cars and light painting art, and the combination of Chinese dragon and Arabic text.


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