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Yango Maps survey finds that over 50% of Dubai residents move around the city more during Ramadan than other times of the year

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, 04. April 2024 

With Eid celebrations on the horizon, Yango Maps, a navigation app made with Dubai in mind, conducted a survey[1] to see how the Holy Month changes navigation habits in the city. The goal of the survey was to keep in touch with user needs in a constantly evolving environment and propose useful features relevant for this time of the year.


The survey found that 52% of residents travel more during Ramadan than at any other time of the year. For many, this is a period for spending time and connecting with loved ones. And when it comes to selecting the mode of transport for their movement around the city, the majority opt for driving, while one in three users prefer public transport or taxis.


Half of the residents noted that at this time of active travel, the most important considerations before setting off are safety, travel time, and the availability of air-conditioned spaces along the route. Responding to the users' needs, the app recently added new route options called "comfortable routes." When temperatures rise, the app displays additional directions that go through covered areas and air-conditioned bus stops.


Additionally, during the month of Ramadan, over 70% of residents spend more time with family, exploring new places, and almost a half of residents (48%) tend to eat outside their home more often than at other times of the year. Taking this into account, Yango Maps offers a special Ramadan guide with a wealth of restaurants and cafes for a memorable Iftar menu: from traditional cuisine to inventive international dishes.


Findings also confirmed that shopping continues to be a key activity for many in Dubai during Ramadan, with 61% of people agreeing that they tend to shop more often. The majority of shoppers do so offline, and three in five strive to discover new brands and find the best deals. The most popular shopping centers Yango Maps users visit are the Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates, and the Dubai Marina Mall. To ensure a more convenient experience for users, Yango Maps plans routes straight to parking zones near such popular destinations.


Notes to editors

Yango is a tech company that transforms global technologies into everyday services tailored to local needs. Our mission is to bridge the gap between leading world innovations and local communities, fostering connections and enhancing everyday living experiences. The Yango ride-hailing service, Yango Play, Yango Delivery, Yango Tech (e-commerce software), Yasmina (AI-based voice assistant), and Yango Maps are available in the UAE.

Yango Maps extends Dubai’s signature comfort and ease of living to navigation. Users can plan fast, convenient routes to wherever they need to go no matter how they want to get there: by car, on public transport, or on foot. The app has a variety of useful features, including highly detailed road markings, speed limit alerts, up-to-date public transport schedules, an integrated ride-hailing service, and offline maps.

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