Thursday, February 1, 2024

LG Lights up Arab Health with Transformative Displays

 LG Electronics showcases dynamism to match the healthcare sector’s ever-changing demands with versatility and digitalization that’s at home in every industry


As digital enhancements and processes in the healthcare industry continue at pace, transforming how hospitals and clinics utilize, consume, and distribute information, LG Electronics (LG) continues to deliver display technology to complement and mirror the medical field’s requirements throughout its facilities.
LG's extensive range of products and solutions, some of which will be on show at Arab Health 2024, is designed to meet the unique requirements of various spaces within the hospitality sector. From LG hospitality TVs to total solutions and digital signage, each product is crafted to deliver personalized messages, thereby enhancing customer experiences.
In healthcare facilities, LG digital signage plays a crucial role in delivering information with precision. The wide viewing angles and various picture modes designed for specific environments, such as hospitals, ensure that documents and images in conference or seminar rooms are displayed clearly. The use of innovative technologies such as OLED and LED enables the creation of media art and digital sculptures, building a sophisticated first impression and elevating the brand image.
LG's products seamlessly integrate into different areas, such as in hallways, where opportunities to promote events and effectively communicate with customers or guests are maximized. Diverse products and solutions allow for the utilization of empty spaces for promotions, location guides, and more, while from suites to standard rooms, LG's hospitality solutions provide differentiated guest experiences and customized in-room services.

LG Electronics (LG) will be putting its own displays on display at this year’s Arab Health, where its LAEC Series 136-inch screen, featuring an embedded controller and built-in speaker, challenges the notion that LED displays are difficult to install. This all-in-one package eliminates the need for controller connections or module configuration, simplifying the installation process to a point where turning on the screen with a remote control mirrors the simplicity of a home TV.
Appearing at Arab Health, too, will be LG’s 55” UL-Listed Hospital TV with UHD content delivery. The hospital TV series features pillow speaker support with UL certification and is designed for patient-oriented care, meeting the specific needs of hospitals.
Further proof of LG product flexibility, regardless of industry, is the CreateBoard Interactive Screen which will also be on show at the region’s global healthcare medical expo. It enhances meeting room experiences. LG's Interactive Digital Signage devices are essential for any effective business meetings.

Learn more about our advanced touch technology and explore LG's interactive features that encourage more productive meetings which in turn fosters maximum concentration and organic engagement.
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Nora Nassar