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TP-Link MEA FZE Signs Etihad Specialized as Neffos Distributor in Saudi Arabia

TP-Link MEA FZE Signs Etihad Specialized as Neffos Distributor in Saudi Arabia

Image not foundDubai, United Arab Emirates -Sunday, November 5th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]
Conrad Yang, Country Manager, TP-Link MEA FZE, Saudi Arabia (Photo: ATEOSWire)
TP-Link Technologies Co Ltd, a global provider of SOHO, SMB networking products, wireless LAN solutions and mobile devices, has partnered with Etihad Specialized Trading, a sister company of Assr Al Jawal to distribute its Neffos smartphone array in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

According to the vendor, which makes a broad range of products to the consumer, SOHO and SMB markets, including Wireless Solutions, ADSL, Routers, Switches, IP Cameras, Powerline Adapters, Print Servers, Media Converters, Network Adapters and Smartphones, the partnership with Etihad Specialized Trading opens up opportunities for the two companies to develop the mobile business with independent retailers, mass market and specialised IT markets in Saudi Arabia.

Under the accord, Etihad Specialized Trading will supply independent retailers in Saudi Arabia with TP-Link's entire range of Neffos devices and accessories.

Conrad Yang, Country Manager, TP-Link MEA FZE, Saudi Arabia, said appointing Etihad Specialized Trading as the Neffos authorized distributor in the Kingdom paves the way for the company to develop and grow its mobile devices business with all channels and specialized IT verticals.

"We selected the company for TP-Link's premium mobile brand Neffos smartphone’s authorized distributor in Saudi Arabia to help us develop the business," he said.

He added that TP-Link picked Etihad Specialized Trading because of its good track record and professionalism in the Saudi market, well-qualified and well-trained sales force, and superior penetration and reputation in the market.

Yang added that by partnering with Etihad Specialized Trading to distribute the Neffos range of smartphones and accessories, TP-Link is reinforcing its commitment about developing the mobile devices business in-country across the region. "The partnership with the distributor is a natural progression for us given that Assr Al Jawal is already working with the Neffos brand in the UAE," he said.

Etihad Specialized Trading has a thriving wholesale, telecoms, e-commerce.B2B and, KDR and POS business in KSA.

In addition, the company is the partner of choice for telecoms and IT related technology providers and vendors through a state-of-art distribution set up that serves multi-natured clients in the retail and traditional reseller channels.

Etihad Specialized Trading distribution business covers business lines, telecommunications, lifestyle consumer electronics and logistics.

About TP-Link

TP-Link is a global provider of SOHO & SMB networking products and the World's No.1 provider of WLAN products, with products available in over 120 countries to tens of millions customers. Committed to intensive R&D, efficient production and strict quality management, TP-Link continues to provide award-winning networking products in Wireless, ADSL, Routers, Switches, IP Cameras, Powerline Adapters, Print Servers, Media Converters and Network Adapters for Global end-users.

Based on the confidence of tens of millions of customers, TP-Link is now growing to become one of the most competitive providers of networking products with aspirations to become one of the top 3 networking brands in the world and striving for a larger global market share, while further advancing in the world of networking to better serve our most valued customers with products that make their lives easier.

About Neffos

Neffos is a smartphone brand created by TP-Link, a global provider of networking products. The Neffos range of smartphones was unveiled in 2015 and signifies the beginning of our long-awaited entrance into the mobile devices market. With the current accumulation of technology in the communications industry, providing customers worldwide with a truly seamless mobile experience is one that Neffos aims to see fulfilled.

Neffos is a brand that is fully committed to developing its products, services and consumer relations through extensive R&D, implementing strict Quality Assurance practices and effective outreach initiatives. It consistently focuses on the needs of end users to create superior products of the highest quality.

The Neffos range intends to strike the perfect balance between smart technology and stylish handset designs. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the brand cultivates a harmonious relationship with people to power their everyday lives. The beauty behind the Neffos device designs is something that goes deeper than what can merely be seen on the surface. It is an appreciation of not only the aesthetic aspects that make up a remarkable device, but a continued celebration of all of the people that use it. Harness the ability to capture the essence of life in a moment, and save the beauty of it all for a lifetime.

TP-Link's proven stability, excellence and design ensure stable performance from the Neffos range of smartphones. Designing reliable networking products and accessories for 21 years, TP-Link is consistently ranked as the world's No. 1 WLAN provider, delivering Wi-Fi to over 170 countries and hundreds of millions of people.


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