Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Murata announces the SCH16T-K01, a next generation 6DoF inertial sensor

KYOTO, Japan - Tuesday, 09. January 2024

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The SCH16T-K01 is an inertial 6DoF XYZ-axis gyroscope and XYZ-axis accelerometer that enables high precision machine control and positioning applications. The device is the first launched product version from Murata's next generation SCH16T 6DoF family, which has further variants upcoming in the future.

Murata’s industry-proven 3D MEMS process has been updated and enhanced for the SCH16T product family. This sensor has been designed to meet the market need for better positioning solutions and delivers an unmatched level of performance, supported by several added time synchronization features.

The SCH16T-K01 includes a sophisticated gyro with typical bias instability of 0.5dph and up to 0.3mdps/√Hz noise density. The accelerometer has a dynamic range of up to 26g, which provides resistance against saturation and vibration. Overall, the component exhibits excellent linearity and offset stability through the whole temperature range.

The component’s output is also internally cross-axis compensated, eliminating the need for extensive calibration at the user’s end. In addition, through the integration of these features, the SCH16T-K01 can deliver incredibly accurate measurements in machine control and guidance without needing field calibrations.

The SCH16T-K01 is ideally suited to industrial applications and use cases such as construction and agricultural machines, material handling equipment, and marine instrumentation.

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