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Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean During Ramadan with LG Smart Dehumidifier

 While the Holy month of Ramadan is all about purity and cleansing, it is an appropriate time to ensure that your home follows suit. With all the impurities in the air today, it is vital to ensure that your home is clean and safe, especially for those in your family with breathing issues, young or old. This is where a dehumidifier comes in use, and with the LG Smart Dehumidifier from LG Electronics (LG), you are going to enjoy the best of features and design, making it the perfect addition to your home during Ramadan.

Power of Dual Inverter

Like other products in LG’s portfolio, performance and efficiency are key. This LG Smart Dehumidifier achieves that with its Dual Inverter Compressor, which requires less driving time and automatically adjusts the dehumidification intensity based on the humidity around it for a more comfortable indoor environment. While this contributes to overall efficiency, it is also vital for strong performance, with a daily capacity of 30L of dehumidification, which is equivalent to 120 bottles of 250ml water.

All this process is maintained under absolute quiet, as the LG Smart Dehumidifier runs on a low operation noise of 33db, ensuring no disturbances, even at night.

Keeping The Air Clean and Safe

Keeping the air around home is no easy task, especially with the whole variety of pollutants that can be around. This is why the LG Smart Dehumidifier has a Safe Plus Filter, which is HEPA H13 graded, and can eliminate dust, viruses, bacteria, pollen, and allergens.

Additionally, it also features 18 safety features for peace of mind. This includes a motherboard protection system, heat exchanger status sensors, and a range of protection features for components such as the motor, power plug, compressor, and more.

Easy Control With IoT ThinQ

Controlling your dehumidifier should not be a herculean task, and with LG ThinQ, all it takes is a click of a button on your compatible smartphone. Now you can turn on your dehumidifier remotely through Wi-Fi remote control, schedule sessions, or even keep an eye on energy levels all from your smartphone. Thanks to this connectivity, you will also be notified in case of any alerts, such as when the drain bucket is full, or the humidity is too high. With these features, you can have the LG Smart Dehumidifier working before you get home, ensuring that the air at home is getting clean before you reach.

Convenient Design

Convenience is key when it comes to design and LG ensures that regardless of the appliance, it always looks good and maintains practicality. One major point in the design for the LG Smart Dehumidifier comes with the Push and Pull Handle, which is ideally located at waist level, allowing for easy movement. This is further complemented by a 360-degree caster, which allows for smooth movement. An aesthetic and functional choice is the transparent water tank design, which adds to the looks of the dehumidifier and allows for quick checking on the levels. The tank can also be held in one hand and a built-in cover design prevents water leaking as well. You can also take advantage of the LG Smart Dehumidifier to quickly dry off shoes and closets, thanks to its additional Shoe Dry Y-hose and Closet Dry T-hose attachments.

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