Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dubai First to Launch Innovative Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Disease

UAE residents will no longer need to travel abroad to receive stem cell therapy for joint disease

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Tuesday, November 21st 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Bioscience Clinic FZ LLC located in Dubai Healthcare City is pleased to launch to its latest innovative therapy for treatment of joint disease. Established since 2012, Bioscience Clinic is Dubai’s first and most advanced clinic to use stem cells taken from adipose tissue in a variety of clinical applications. Its latest therapy was first introduced in Europe by Bioscience Institute in partnership with the University of Rome, a Bioscience Clinic sister company.

This innovative therapy boasts success rates higher than that of the most advanced, leading centers in the US which provide similar types of treatment using cells derived from fat and/or bone marrow in treatment of joint disease.

It is estimated that about 250 million people worldwide suffer from joint disease (osteoarthritis), making it one of the leading contributors to global non-fatal disease burden.

The Bioscience Clinic protocol is revolutionary and is currently only available from two locations across the world, at the Bioscience Clinic, Dubai and the Bioscience Institute, Italy.

In targeted cell therapy for joint disease, since the degenerative process where cartilage is characterized by aging of cells, or by their death, the only effective solution is the replacement of old cells with new ones.

The Bioscience Clinic protocol consists of a unique sophisticated procedure of culture and purification of stem cells carried out in a completely sterile pharma grade cell factory environment, requiring no more than 2 weeks culture.

While the application of other similar procedures in the treat joint disease may be faster, strong scientific evidence has proven these to be significantly less effective.

The procedure

The Bioscience Clinic protocol administers an intra-articular injection of pure stem cells which are isolated and expanded from fat tissue, rather than simply injecting fat centrifugated cells directly without isolating or expanding them. Furthermore, cells are used only after separating them from all the other cells, which are found in fat tissue and bone marrow and have a degenerative action on joints.

This protocol has superior efficacy compared to other available cell therapies and treatments, which included anti-inflammatory drugs, intra-articular injections of centrifuged fat, platelets and hyaluronic acid.

Such interventions only succeed in minimizing symptoms for a few weeks. Moreover, they do not have any effect on the degenerative process of cartilage tissue. In fact, blood, platelets and hyaluronic acid do not contain cells and hence lack the ability to block the ageing of the cells. Published scientific studies have demonstrated the quantity of stem cells in fat tissue is not sufficient to achieve effective treatment, it is therefore essential to expand cells before use as done following the Bioscience Clinic protocol.

Using this method, Bioscience Clinic is able to achieve the ideal validated quantity of cells from a very small fat harvest, approximately 10-20 ml, from which it is possible to carry out a number of treatments without the need to repeat the harvesting procedure.

Approval for the Bioscience Clinic protocol follows many years of investigation and has been has validated by the European Union under the ADIPOA study carried out by prestigious, reputable European Universities. This study confirmed the safety and effectiveness, as well as the minimum dose of expanded adipose-derived stem cells needed for the successful treatment of joint disease.

Dr. Giuseppe Mucci, CEO and Founder of Bioscience Clinic Middle East, stated: “This procedure is very simple, safe and devoid of side effects because each person’s own cells are used. The treatment is affordable for everyone and no age limit applies, in fact we even have patients over 90 years old! Bioscience Clinic Middle East is very pleased to launch this therapy -  Now no one need travel outside the UAE to receive treatment for their joint disease because the most advanced methodology that science can provide is available to everyone right here in Dubai”.

About Bioscience Clinic

Bioscience Clinic Middle East, located in Dubai Healthcare City and is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Health and Dubai Healthcare City Authority-Regulatory. It comprises of a pharma grade cell factory and multi-specialist clinic, from which stem cells can be cultured for use in various therapies such as the treatment of joints anti-aging.

To learn more about Bioscience Clinic Middle East visit our website at http://www.bioinst.ae 


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