Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The 3rd International Abacus Competition Festival for kids in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Tuesday, November 28th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Image not foundThe 3rd International Abacus Competition on-the-go  (Photo: AETOSWire)Dubai hosts the 3rd International Abacus Competition Festival for kids, this year. The Competition was held on Saturday, 25th November 2017, at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai. The 3rd International Brainobrainfest competition has seen 2200 kids of Grades I to X, from 34 Centres in the UAE, along with representations from 12 countries – Kosovo, Ireland, India, Slovenia, Croatia, Oman, UAE, Cyprus, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kuwait and Srilanka. The kids solved around 60 pretty complex sums in just 3 minutes time. Some of them made quick negotiations in the abacus tool infront of them whereas majority others made quick finger movements, to hit the answers. The ones with maximum speed and accuracy emerged as the winners and won Champion, Gold & Silver Titles. The Competition also gave a platform for the kids to showcase their multi-tasking ability which is a skill they gain through constant practise of Brainobrain Methods. Brainobrain International, world’s leading Skill Development Programme for children, organised this spectacular event for its world-wide network of students. To watch the kids in action, CLICK HERE.
 Brainobrain is an Abacus & Skill Development Programme for 5-14 year old children that sets the right platform for the kids to identify and to sharpen their own innate talents, thus to strengthen their core values that would make the difference. It intends to carve a generation that is equipped with the right skill sets to steer the future of this planet, by helping them to learn 'how to learn'. Brainobrain Skill Development programme is a first of its kind to develop multitasking in children and empowers them with a combination of Brain Skills, Life Skills & NLP Skills.
 Parent of Varnika Venkatesan of Grade IV from Sharjah, says, “Brainobrain has a made a significant contribution to my daughter. Her confidence level has increased. She attends lot of competitions now and her stage fear has vanished. She can give a speech in front of a big audience too. She loves Brainobrain.”
 The global presence in 35 countries through 900 Centres, benefitting more than 200,000 students itself is well-enough to testimony the efficacy of this stellar programme. CLICK HERE to know about their course.

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