Monday, November 6, 2017

Summoners War” holds a pre-registration event for the Guild Siege Battle Update

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -Monday, November 6th 2017 [ AETOS Wire ]

Mobile game company, Com2uS (CEO Byeongjun Song, has announced that a pre-registration event for an upcoming Guild PvP content, the Guild Siege Battle, will be held prior to the major update.

The Guild Siege Battle is a battle content where a total of 3 Guilds fight against each other at the same time to occupy opponents’ bases. All Guild members must try their best to defeat the bases of two other Guilds during the designated time while protecting their own by setting up strong defense formations. The Guild that occupies most bases will be the winner of the battle.

Especially, the expectation towards this new content, the Guild Siege Battle, has been increasing since the beginning of this year because it's a content that’s newly being added since the live PvP content, “World Arena”. It’s also highly expected that not only will the players find the best Guild via intense Guild Battles, but also enjoy the cooperation among other Guild members.

Com2uS will be holding a pre-registration event for all users around the world before the update. You can participate in the event by going to the Guild Siege Battle Pre-Registration Event Page (, and all participants will get various rewards, such as a Mystical Scroll and a Rainbowmon.

Com2uS said, “Players will be able to experience a whole new battle content via this Guild Siege Battle Update”, and said, “We expect to see some positive feedback from global users since there will be fierce competition amongst Guilds.”


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