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2023 MOI Road Statistics Released: Fatalities near ‘All Time Low’, Injuries and Accidents increase


  • 352 Fatalities, +3% vs. 2022 (343), -8% vs. 2021 (381)
  • 5,568 Injured Persons, +10% vs. 2022 (5,045), +27% vs. 2021 (4,377)
  • 4,391 Major Accidents, +11% vs. 2022 (3,945), +26% vs. 2021 (3,488)
  • 70% of the Fatalities (64% of the Injured) linked to 5 violations: Distracted Driving, Sudden Deviation, Tailgating, Negligence and Inattention, Lack of Lane Discipline.
  • Young road users in the age bracket 19-29 years are the most vulnerable, accounting for 38% of Fatalities and 36% of the Injured
  • 15% (677) of major accidents by New Driving License Holders
  • 98% are getting injured and killed in good weather and clear road conditions
  • Evening is the most dangerous time to be on the roads (43% of victims)
  • Abu Dhabi tops the list in terms of fatalities (38%), Dubai in terms of injured persons (47%)
  • 69% Fatalities in light vehicles; 12% motorcycle riders; 4% micro-mobility users
  • The top 10 dangerous streets could be defined


The UAE continues its focused journey to reducing the number of fatalities on our roads. Fatality numbers hover near the ‘All Time Low’ which we witnessed last year (343), although with a slight increase of +3% to 352, and with -8% vs. 2021.

The long-term trend is remarkable, as the last time the UAE reported more than 1,000 traffic fatalities (1,072) was in the year 2008, resulting in a -67% drop of road fatalities over the last 15 years.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) just uploaded ‘open data’ road safety statistics for 2023.

Thomas Edelmann, Founder and Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE comments on the findings: “We are grateful to MOI for releasing the detailed 2023 road safety statistics early in the year. The strongest indicator in road safety is the number of fatalities, and as this number is hovering near the ‘All Time Low’, which is wonderful news. However, the rise in accidents and injuries is alarming, substantiating the need for a continued focus on road safety.

The main 5 violations accounting for 70% of fatalities (64% of injured) must be tackled. This concentration of only 5 violations is even more pronounced than in the previous years. All involved public and private stakeholders are urged to consider how they can contribute to improving the situation, for example by running engaging awareness campaigns and initiatives with their audiences like staff and customers, as their touch-points can really help us making a difference. Ideally, schools and employers should play a vital role in addressing the road users under their influence. Possibly, the legal framework and enforcement could be further developed.

98% of casualties happen in good weather and in clear road conditions, which leaves no excuses for road users and we must see more mindful and caring behavior on the roads!

A special focus on the vulnerable segment of young road users seems necessary, with a focus on the segment of 19–29-year-olds where we see the biggest toll. 15% of major accidents are caused by new driving license holders. Hence, the stakeholders close to this vulnerable segment need to do their bit in raising awareness for safe conduct and we call on driving schools, universities, employers, and parents to be cognizant of their responsibilities. Safe habits should be created as early as possible and already at kindergarten and school level, the driving school education could be revisited, staged driving licenses and monitoring technologies for novice drivers should be considered.

The share of motorcycles in major accidents (12%) seems over-proportionally high and we see rising casualty numbers for micro-mobility riders (bikes, e-bikes, scooters) and hence, more should to be done to protect these vulnerable riders.”

Following is a selection of the most important data points, derived from the database of Ministry of Interior.

The strong concentration on only 5 violations must be part of focused and aligned initiatives by all concerned stakeholders.

A strong focus is also needed on the young segment of the 19-29 years old, and also the 30-39 years old segment. Together these 2 main segments account for more than 60% of casualties!

Drivers must embrace their responsibility for their passengers and other vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians.

The vulnerable segment of motorcycle riders and micro-mobility riders (Bicycle, Electric Bike, Scooter) is over represented in the victims’ statistics and their safe riding behavior must be in focus of initiatives, as well as the mindful interaction of stronger traffic participants with them. 

Road and weather conditions cannot serve as an excuse. The (mis)behavior of road users is rather to blame for accidents.

Road users must be extra careful when traveling on the top 10 dangerous roads.

…as well as during the evenings, where we witness most of the casualties.

Abu Dhabi tops the list of fatalities, while Dubai tops the one of injuries.


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