Thursday, May 16, 2024

PurpleCube AI partners with Snowflake to Revolutionize Data Engineering with Next-Generation AI and Machine Learning


(BUSINESS WIRE) -- PurpleCube AI, a unified data orchestration platform, has partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to drive data-driven innovation at unprecedented speed and scale by embedding the power of Generative AI directly into the data engineering process.

This approach enables joint customers to unify all data engineering functions on a single platform, automate complex data pipelines, and activate valuable insights efficiently and accurately.

The combined expertise of PurpleCube AI and Snowflake unlocks exciting possibilities:

  • Data Orchestration: PurpleCube AI leverages Snowflake as a processing engine for push-down ETL workloads, enabling organizations to achieve data warehouse automation at scale.
  • Advanced Exploratory Data Analysis: Data engineers can conduct EDA with multi-dimensional charting solutions, leveraging Snowpark, the Snowflake data lake, and big data output for deeper exploration.
  • Data Quality for Superior ML Feature Preparation: PurpleCube AI offers a diverse set of built-in data quality rules, allowing ML engineers to prepare feature sets for the highest accuracy in machine learning algorithms.
  • Data Access with English Language Queries: Business and non-technical users can now query and analyze data in plain English using PurpleCube AI's capabilities alongside Snowflake's data lake, Snowpark, and native SQL functionalities.

"Our partnership with Snowflake opens a world of opportunities for current and prospective clients,” said Bharat Phadke, CEO & cofounder at PurpleCube AI. “Integrating PurpleCube AI’s Gen AI module with Snowflake's LLM functions not only enhances the efficiency of data orchestration but also promises unparalleled value in AI-driven insights. This partnership enables organizations to seamlessly deploy advanced AI solutions across their entire enterprise ecosystem, driving innovation and competitive advantage."

"Our partnership is helping joint customers drive more data innovation with both speed and scale, thanks to generative AI," said Selim Abid, META partners & alliances lead at Snowflake. "The integration with PurpleCube AI’s GenAl-embedded, unified data orchestration platform and Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables business and non-technical users to query and analyze data in plain English using PurpleCube AI’s capabilities alongside Snowflake’s data lake, Snowpark, and native SQL functionalities."

The power of this alliance is already evident in the success stories. Some case studies indicate approximately $1 million in annual savings, 50% increased business decision efficiency, and real-time access to actionable insights.

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Kirsten Kopke